DJ Phanatic has been a masterful DJ, creative music producer, and mesmerizing musician for years. Originally from the Bronx, New York, DJ Phanatic had the opportunity to live & travel everywhere from West to East coast of the US, Europe, Hawaii, Caribbean Islands, Asia, Africa & even Italy. Now, he has settled in the nation's capital, Washington D.C. Phanatic loves to entice his listeners & fans. Phanatic has always believed that music is the voice of the soul and that by being a DJ & Music Producer, he allows others to feel music in a truly enjoyable way - the DJ Phanatic way!

Phanatic got his start on the 1's and 2's by DJing for school dances and local functions. He quickly went on to bigger events showcasing his skills at wedding receptions, parties, fashion shows, corporate events, community events, nightclubs and much more. Phanatic has also worked with iconic artists such as Tone Loc, Lil Kim, and Ray J. He extended his desire to learn more by obtaining a BS in Audio Production & extensive studies in Audio Engineering Technology.

Phanatic is masterful in the art of DJing, but also has talents in production, creating unique and stylistic beats/songs, and music scores & sounds for independent films. In addition, he is a confident and charismatic Master of Ceremonies who can bring that extra positive energy to any event - whether it is classy or more casual, big or small. Phanatic does not consider any of his talents a job, but a way to express himself musically and most importantly entertain and bring joy to others. He is truly a music fanatic!

DJ Phanatic: Breathing Life Into Music


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